Too Long


I waited for so long
Outside myself
You see I was pretenting
To be someone else
I was longing to see
Who i wanted to be

And I’ve been waiting on my own
I’ve been waiting for too long
Not strong enough to be with you
And I’ve been making up my world
I’ve been painting it with gold
Not strong enough to see you

I irrigate illusions
Then let them grow
How can I pacify myself?
And let go 
And I run wild to see
Who I turned out to be

But it was too cold
In my world

很赞的节奏, 以前听过, 不过不知道名子……
今天和朋友在 Opera 旁边的 Mcdonald’s 突然听到,
于是拿出iPhone, 使用Shazam 软件, 录了一小会, 这个小软件就把歌名显示出来了, 还给了一个 youtube 的链接 !
1: 为 Jackson 祝福 !
    昨天 N多的人到 Notre-dame de Paris 去默哀,  法国所有媒体头版都是纪念信息……
    今天的 巴黎人报 用了 9 版介绍这些 !
2: 全法打折季节又开始了, 和朋友闲逛的同时又花了不少钱 😦
3: 向大家推荐一个听音乐的网站:

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